Work Overview

A Barcelona based Law firm, specialists in Spanish Immigration & Real Estate Law for International clients

Facebook Ads • SEO Optimisation • Brand awareness

"A Barcelona based Law firm, specialising in Spanish Relocation and Real Estate for International clients desired to streamline its vaguely irregular monthly digital growth/traffic pattern, whilst increasing its opportunity for new leads"

The Objective

Flatline consistent traffic • New Lead generation • Digital awareness


In order to own steady consistent, useful growth, we together agreed to deploy a series of strategic digital ads which were heavily promoted across Facebook targeting audiences with interests in relocating to Spain, homeowners, expatriates, European Real Estate, Visas and property law. We also used this promotion strategy to receive lead interests directly from customers. In addition, some focus was attributed to the Brand's SEO with some small improvements again targeting the interests and markets closely associated with our promotion strategy.


The Brand recieved a strong pull from this strategy, with a constant and fair jump in traffic to the landing page and click-throughs over 2 months. SEO has improved with the site now appearing just slightly higher within Google/Bing searches, four leads have been secured since promotion.

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