Work Overview

A Paris based accountancy firm, International/French practice specialists - with 7 employees

Facebook Ads • SEO Optimisation • Brand awareness

"A Paris Accountancy & Advisory firm specialising in International/French practice, had difficutly in gaining leads/awareness in the UK. It's visibility was limited and name unsearchable, it's awareness had to be improved for it's planned UK expanision"

The Objective

Grow ACD's online UK footprint • Raise UK PR/awareness • Higher Rank SEO Optimisation


In order to grow the Brand's name, online Digital Advertisements were deployed targeting UK business owners on a daily basis - whilst doing so we posted on numerous Industry blogs and editiorials with useful insights and information to promote the brand's skills. Their SEO was revised to target UK accounting and niche market searches on Google/Bing whilst improving it weekly.


As a new client, results are still undergoing though already it has reported multiple lead interests from UK mid-sized companies and can be seen across some external 3rd party webpages. SEO results are still TBC.

Let's do it

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