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With ROI at £8.81, beauty marketers boost budgets for influencer marketing despite post-success hurdles

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Beauty influencers deliver £8.81 ROI, report finds

Influencer marketing ROI’s disgustingly hard to measure, but a new report by Celebrity Intelligence finds that for every £1 spent on influencers within the beauty industry in 2017, brands received an average return of £8.81.

Most influencer ROI to date is tracked through web analytics (77%), where 52% use platform-specific metrics i.e. trackable links available through Instagram, and 38% include trackable attribution links within the content influencers create.

Yes, we know, tracking the ROI for any marketing initiative has always had it’s hurdles, but here it’s big with 46% suggesting it’s solely the biggest pain point when it comes to influencer marketing especially.

Driving sales isn’t always the main objective for influencer marketing, which makes the ROI more complex to measure in the short-term and for convincing senior managers. Most marketers (33%) say increasing brand awareness and acceptance is actually the main purpose of influencer marketing, compared to just 12% who look to increase sales; though overall all is critical when it comes to engaging younger consumers encouraging them to buy.

When it comes to measuring success, 82% of beauty brands focus on social media engagement, such as likes, shares and comments. This is followed by press coverage (50%), revenue generated (46%) and web traffic (45%) respectfully.

The Fashion & Beauty Monitor reported 385 views of marketing specialists, comprising of in-house brand marketers, agencies and consultants. They unanimously agreed: Instagram is the social media platform of choice, with the majority (78%) saying it is the best platform for influencer marketing. This is followed by Facebook (9%), YouTube (7%), Twitter (3%) and Snapchat (1%).

As a result, influencer marketing activity is likely to grow over the next 12 months. A third (38%) suggest their budget will increase by 10% - 20%, while 27% expect to see an increase of over 20%.

The importance of influencer marketing is only expected grow further in coming years, with 52% suggesting that having a large community of influencers, ambassadors and fans will be more important than having a shoppable app in five years’ time.

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