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Coca-Cola's new packing sees red trademark colour spread to sugar-free variants - to boost sales before UK sugar tax

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Coca-Cola launches £5m campaign as it redesigns packaging to balance original and sugar-free variants

Coca-Cola UK is launching a £5m campaign to promote it’s packaging redesign that will see its red brand colour appear across its sugar and sugar-free varieties.

This will see Coke Zero adopt the traditional red design of original Coke — but with a black banner wrapped around the top to distinguish the two. The changes will affect Coca-Cola original taste, zero sugar, sugar cherry, zero sugar peach and zero sugar vanilla.

The new move aims to balance packaging across the two brands encouraging consumers to try their sugar-free products. Coca-Cola is aiming 50% sales to come from sugar-free variants in reaction to changing consumer trends and to offset the impact of the UK sugar tax, which has increased the price of original Coca-Cola.

Alec Mellor, Coca-Cola UK marketing manager states: “For more than 130 years, the colour red has been associated with the great taste and experience of enjoying a Coca-Cola and we want to make it even clearer that you can have that taste and experience with or without sugar. Sales of Coca-Cola zero sugar have almost doubled in the last two years and we believe this latest change will help us grow it even further and encourage more people to give it a try.”

The design initiative will be launched from September, the £5m budget providing a 10-second and 30-second TV ad, home advertising and a 7m sampling push for Coca-Cola zero sugar.

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