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My Service Provides:
Present Brand review
Brand objectives & goals
New Concept portfolio
Brand Design marketing strategy

"What are the benefits of Branding?"
Branding initiatives will Control your 'Brand image' and allow you to Survive standing strong in a heavily Saturated Market. It allows you to firmly Gain Market Credibility & hold long-lasting Recognition - with more options to charge Clients your Brand's worth whilst being able to Increase Customer loyalty. Furthermore, expert Branding benefits further include Retaining greater customer retention, Image consisitency, Attracing new ideal clients, Personal confidence and the ability to Introduce new products.

Branding's an integral part for every YouTube, Twitch & Mixer Streamer; without owning a Strong Brand what's your image worth? Why would anyone want to watch you for over a week? Exactly.

Labour involved:
2 x sets of analysis, meetings to review brand concepts, strategies and final brand recommendations and an entire imagery production process.

Why do I need this?
How do I make a brand? Branding's maybe the most important aspect of marketing, it's how the customer sees and creates an opinion on you. You may need rebranding, new artwork, to target new audience or market, theme creation or brand consistency.

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