"Shock your Customers"

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Guerilla Marketing

"Become something bigger..."

Really want to SHOCK customers + raise max awareness? Expect the unexpected...
Guerrilla Marketing's an ad strategy focusing on unconventional marketing tactics with high energy and imagination.

My Service Provides:
Market analysis and suitability
Risk analysis
Competitor research
Concept recommendation/presentation
Guerrilla concept deployment

"What are the benefits of Guerilla Marketing?"
Gain the maximum amount of awareness from giant audiences & generate buzz!
We'll review if Guerrilla marketing is applicable for your brand, or we'll potentially make it fit. We'll apply a risk register and will review Guerrilla activities within your market. After agreeing concept, we'll devise a strategy and deploy the activity gaining maximum attention.

YouTubers, Twitch & Mixer Streamers will love Guerrilla Marketing! Just think about your options, shocking a new audience, doing something controversial or maybe even partnering with an Influencer and doing something really big? Just think of how much awareness you'll get!

Activities are often done on the streets, public places, shopping centers or parks with maximum people access as to attract a bigger audience. They strike the consumer at a more personal and memorable level.

Labour involved:
Macro and Micro Market and competitor research relating to Guerrilla marketing, risk register, concept research, asset research, strategy formation and deployment.

Why do I need this?
You're a competitive brand, local business, targeting a particular segment, ache for PR or social media growth.

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