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Want perfect English?
We'll also teach how to live comfortably, adapt and feel welcome here.

Learn English properly with a Native

To Inspire - To Embrace - To Connect
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Thinking of Studying or Moving here?

Securing that Business deal or to Network?

Be the best in Western culture 1-2-1 now! Receive 'Native first-hand' knowledge, skills and experience from myself

Gain the confidence and reassurance before you travel.

My Service Provides:
○ Learning English Language
○ Confidently speaking English
○ Making new British friends
○ Staying safe in the UK
○ The British way to introduce yourself
○ Getting around London
○ Transport and discovering England
○ British traditions
○ Forming British Business relationships
○ Where to go shopping?
○ Where to get food? - Halal/Gluten-free
○ Where is safe to stay? - Hotels/B&B's

In Addition:
○ I can give a Personal Tours of London anytime!
○ On call 24/7 with Help and Assistance
○ A personal UK friend
○ & Many More!

Labour involved:
'I am dedicated to you'. Everyone's different and whatever you feel you'd need to learn English; I endeavour to commit myself to ensure that you have the personal and greatest of confidence to succeed in our historic country and culture. Whether you're coming to visit, study or for work; you'll surely benefit from such knowledge and reap the rewards of the UK throughtout your stay.

Why do I need this?
Are you travelling to the UK to study? Wanted to make new friends, coming to work permanently or on contract? Looking to make new Business deals or network? Even if it's for a holiday, you'll always benefit by learning English and behavioural skills with a friendly Native.

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Let's do it's open to speak to all like-minded individuals from any background in a comfortable, friendly and peaceful calm environment.

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