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Millenial Targeting

"Become something bigger..."

You guessed it. Kids with money. Millennials require a different touch when marketing to them. They're savvy enough to know when they’re being ‘pitched’ to and require a new approach.

My Service Provides:
Brand/product analysis
Youth Market analysis
Competitor research
Strategy formation
Millennial deployment

"What are the benefits of Millenial Marketing?"
The UK & International and English speaking millennial market benefits most businesses; they spread the word like wildfire within their own social networks and it’s a great way to gain trust/loyalty. We'd simply see if targeting this market is suitable for your brand, review your goals and compare everything with our market research. Will would then form a strategy and deploy it.

YouTubers, Twitch & Mixer Streamers main markets are Millennials, no doubt about it - Why not find out how to target them appropriately? Online streaming is where the majority of them sit all day watching, why not take advantage of this and target either more of them or increasing their quality of viewership?

Labour involved:
Analysing your brand, the market and competitors to see if applicable, forming a suitable strategy and implementation.

Why do I need this?
Growing customer base, target a younger market, increase PR, boost promotions, social media engagement and grow product range.

Complete report of Millennial targeting starts from £360. Ongoing social/online content management £POA monthly depending on what’s needed.

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