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Brilliant idea!... but how do we promote it?
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My Service Provides:
Initial Brand analysis
Market/Competitor analysis
Goal/sales audit
Concept recommendations/presentation
Promotion deployment strategy

"What are the benefits of Promotions & Campaigns?"
Benefits of running promotions and campaigns are endless: Firstly, they'll drive sales and increase revenue rapidly, often used during quiet periods throughout the year. Promotions and campaigns will also harbor powers to generate Excessive levels of Word of mouth, communication opportunities and PR awareness, and allowing customers to understand reasons to buy either now or later on.
It's a great way to reinforce the Business's brand, whilst being a source of valuable information to customers. Furthermore, Running promotions are a great way in gaining customer feedback and collecting customer data, all which can be used for testing, upcoming products and business intelligence, improving your business such as your website and other operations.

Very rarely you'll see YouTubers, Twitch & Mixer Streamers running any Promotions or Campaigns, which is such a shame - it's such a valuable tool but none of them know how to do them! You have so much potential, use it!

Labour involved:
3 x sets of analysis, documentation, report writing of recommendations and justifications and strategy report on how to deploy.

Why do I need this?
A competitive or lagging brand, need to drive sales in the UK & Internationally, raise brand awareness, customer engagement, social media growth or generate better PR?

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