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Become a Social Legend!
Design a Social Media presence with Expert Digital Audience Engagement Consultant:

My Service Provides:
Present Social media review
Social page creation - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram
Artwork, Branding & Collateral
Education and guidance
Social content - daily posts and schedule
Strategy formation
Customer engagement strategy

"What are the benefits of Social Media?"
GET ON SOCIAL MEDIA ASAP! - It's such a powerful tool, especially for Streamers looking to build an online community!
You'll own Professional Social media, ensuring your audiences are fully retained, fully engaged and freshly Entertained. It's all about expressing your true name and voice humanizing your brand, paving the opportunity for you becoming a Market Thought-leader of your channel and Stream community. Staying on the front of viewers minds, Word of mouth and harnessing unseen levels of customer loyalty.

Professional Social media will also boost your Name heavily on major SEO's, generating Brand/channel awareness across all social channels allowing further access to new viewers, and much related audiences that'll discover you. There's no barrier to accessing International markets too, generating higher Leads, viewerships and Sales down the line.

As a Sneaky tool, Social media allows you to expertly monitor customer feedback, conduct market research analysis on your customers learning more about your Online audiences, to monitor deep conversations important surrounding your Stream and keeping on-top of industry news. Understanding what's relevant in the market, engaging and asking followers what they want to see will guarantee you to promote new successful content and becoming viral in your field.

To express Social media's importance furthermore, it allows YouTubers, Twitch & Mixer Streamers increased networking opportunities, partnerships with influencers, reputation management during periods of negative PR with additional audience support. You can even monitor and keep an eye on nearby competition, watching every move they make. Social Reporting tools can also provide analytical details on your social successes, allowing for precise targeted engagement with followers, retargeting and other marketing strategies.

Labour involved:
All of the above formulation, adaptation of marketplace and competition, cross-platform management, scheduling and timings and content management. With shared access, your social media accounts will be accessible 24/7.

Why do I need this?
A lack of social media space, UK & International brand expansion, brand modernisation, reinforcing your brand, customer service, customer engagement, marketing promotions and strategies or digitising your business.

£100 - £1000 a month

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